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Local Areas

Massachusetts includes these US geographic areas. See the map to the right for the location of each area. Click a link to to to pages with local gardening information for that area.

Northeastern Mountains (58)

Northeastern Coastal Zone (59)

State Information & Resources

Massachusetts Agriculture

There are 7,700 farms in Massachusetts with 520,000 acres of cropland. The average farm size is 68 acres. Major crops and their national ranking are: cranberries (2nd), wild blueberries (2nd), squash (9th), maple syrup (9th), raspberries (10th), apples (12th), pumpkins (13th), organics (13th), pears (15th), highbush blueberries (17th), strawberries (18th), greenhouse vegetables (19th), sweet corn (19th), broccoli (20th).


Massachusetts Master Gardeners Program

Volunteers are available to answer gardening questions for free. The statewide organization has a free Help Line that takes questions by phone or email. For information about how to contact them, visit their website:

Go to Massachusetts Master Gardeners Help Line Information


UMass Extension Resources

The New England Vegetable Management Guide, developed in collaboration with other New England University systems, provides information about cultural practices for vegetables, including soil fertility and nutrients, soil management, cover crops, organic production, raised beds, irrigation, and pest management.

New England Vegetable Management Guide

UMass Extension services provide information about Integrated Pest Management.

Massachusetts Integrated Pest Management Website


New England Small Farm Institute

The New England Small Farm Institute's mission is to support beginning farmers and sustainable, small scale farming throughout the Northeast.

New England Small Farm Institute


Farmers Markets, Farm Stands, and Community Supported Agriculture

The Farm Guide lists farmers markets, farm stands, Community Supported Agriculture and other resources in Southern New England.

Find Farmers Markets, Farm Stands, and Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs)


Massachusetts Average Local Temperature and Rainfall Finder

These pages by "Find the Best" let you find average high and low temperatures for each month of the year and annual rainfall.

Enter a town, city, or zip code to see average temperatures for an area. Then click "See Details" next to a name to see a chart of average high and low temperatures for each month.

Check average temperatures for your area

Enter a town ,city, or zip code to see average yearly rainfall for your area.

Check average rainfall for your area


Massachusetts  Hardiness Zone Maps

This interactive hardiness zone map by PlantMaps lets you zoom to an area or enter a zip code to show the average low temperature for each area of the state. This is helpful in determining which plants will survive in your area and which will do well. For example, most apple varieties won't survive in zones 1 to 3 and won't do as well in zones 8 and above because summers are too hot and they don't get enough hours of cold temperatures in the winter.

** First and Last Frost Dates

Enter a zip code in the search box at the top and click "Zoom to Zip". A box will pop up with information including the Average First Frost and Average Last Frost for this zip code. This is critical in most areas for determining planting dates.

Go To the Massachusetts Hardiness Zone Maps


Massachusetts  Heat Zone Map

This interactive heat zone map by PlantMaps lets you zoom to an area or enter a zipcode to see the number of days a year with temperatures over 86 degrees. This is useful for determining whether certain heat loving plants such as citrus will do well.

Go To Massachussetts Heat Zone Map