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Rocky Mountains

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Vegetable Gardening in the Rocky Mountains

The Rocky Mountains stretch from British Columbia to New Mexico and include more than 100 different ranges. Between many mountain ranges are rich river valleys. The Big Hole Valley, Bitterroot Valley, Gallatin Valley, Flathead Valley, and Paradise Valley have extensive agricultural resources. The parts of the Rockies in the US are divided into the Northern, Middle, and Southern Rockies with a separate section, the Wasatch Mountains, in Utah. The Southern and Middle sections are separated by the Wyoming Basin.

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Northern Rockies


Northern Rockies Local Gardening Support

The Northern Rockies extend from Northeast Washington through North and Central Idaho to Western Montana. They are composed of the Clearwater and Salmon River Mountains and the Sawtooth and Lost River ranges in Central Idaho, the Bitterroot Range along the Idaho-Montana line, the Front Ranges in Montana, and the Okanagan Highlands in Northeast Washington. Larger cities and towns include Missoula, Bozeman, Butte, Helena and Kalispell, Montana.

Local Groups

Garden City Harvest, Missoula

Montana Organic Association

Community Supported Agriculture

Bozeman Area Community Supported Agriculture


Idaho Gardening


Middle Rockies


Middle Rockies Local Gardening Support

The Middle Rockies stretch from Southeast Idaho and Western Wyoming through Utah. They include the the Yellowstone Plateau, the Absaroka, Teton, Wind River, and Wyoming Ranges and the Owl Creek and Bighorn Mountains in Wyoming and the Uinta and Wasatch Ranges in Utah.

Southern Rockies


Southern Rockies Local Gardening Support

The Southern Rockies extend from Southern Wyoming through Colorado into New Mexico. They include the Laramie, Medicine Bow and Wet Mountains, the Front Range, the Park, Mosquito, Sawatch, Elk, La Garita, San Juan, and Sangre de Cristo Mountains. The Southern Rockies are the system's highest section and include many peaks above 14,000 feet.

Local Groups

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