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Colorado Plateau Vegetable Gardening

The Colorado Plateau is located between the Southern Rocky Mountains to the East, the Wasatch Range to the West, and the Arizona and New Mexico Mountains to the South. It spans an area of  Eastern Utah, Western Colorado, Northeast Arizona, and Northwest New Mexico including the "four corners" area where the four states meet. It is largely high desert with scattered areas of forest. Summers are hot with low humidity and Winters are dry and cool to cold. The Grand Canyon is in the Southwest corner of the plateau and there are nine other national parks, including Bryce and Zion and 17 national monuments, the greatest concentration of National Parks in the country. There are small areas of irrigated agriculture with pinto beans, hay, alfalfa, winter wheat, and fruit orchards. Larger towns include Vernal, Price, Moab, Grand Junction, Montrose, Cortez, and Shiprock.

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