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Central Alaska Vegetable Gardening

The vegetable variety recommendations in this publication are based on trials at the Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station at the University of Alaska Fairbanks and by Alaska Cooperative Extension agents, Master Gardeners and growers.

Vegetable Varieties for Alaska Interior

Growing Apples in Interior Alaska

South Central


South Central Alaska Vegetable Gardening

These vegetable variety recommendations for South Central Alaska are based on trials at the University of Alaska Matanuska Experiment Farm in Palmer, the Division of Agriculture’s Plant Material Center in Butte, Alaska and recommendations by Master Gardeners throughout the South Central region.

Recommended Vegetable Varieties for South Central Alaska


The University of Alaska Cooperative Extension recommends these fruit tree varieties for South Central Alaska:

Cherry (Prunus) species: ‘Evans’, ‘Montmorency’, ‘Meteor’

Apple (Malus) species: ‘Norland’, ‘Parkland’, ‘Yellow Transparent’, ‘Summer Red’

Crabapple (Malus) species: Many cultivars ͕͘



Southeast Alaska Vegetable Gardening

Southeast Alaska has a cool maritime climate. Conditions have much in common with the coastal areas of the Pacific Northwest except that day lengths are longer and temperatures cooler.

Southeast Alaska receives an overabundance of rain throughout most of the year, with April and May usually the driest and sunniest months. Clouds reduce sunlight intensity and rain lowers soil temperatures, slowing biological processes like the decomposition of soil organic matter. Based on air temperature and light, many Southeast communities have a four-month growing season or longer, but cold soils reduce the growing season. Successful Southeast gardeners manage soil moisture and fertility and modify the growing environment to extend the growing season.

Alaska Cooperative Extension publications for Southeast Alaska:

Gardening in Southeast Alaska

Recommended Vegetable Varieties for Southeast Alaska